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Reliable and convenient, we sell theatre tickets here to the best seats in the house! San Francisco Bay Area theatre tickets, Broadway theatre tickets, New York Theater Musicals and Plays.

Live theatre tickets are perhaps the single greatest value in all of American entertainment. Given that a ticket to a movie is rapidly approaching $15, the prices of tickets to the theatre are astonishingly low. On any given night in any large city around this fine country, a bevy of talented actors converge on hundreds of stages to perform living, breathing works of artistic interpretation. Indeed, theatre offer incredible entertainment experiences that are not soon to be forgotten.

For theatre aficionados, no explanation regarding the power of live theater is needed. Many folks who are not very familiar with the genre of live theatre are apprehensive about buying theatre tickets, but they needn’t worry. Theatres are not places to be feared, but rather magical locales that put on a variety of performances, from the subdued and basic to the extravagant and grandiose. San Francisco theatre tickets and especially Broadway theatre tickets are most in demand, along with New York Theater Musicals and Plays.

Some of America’s most popular plays over the past decades have been ‘Cats,’ ‘Phantom of the Opera,’ and ‘Les Miserables.’ The latter is often regarded as the single greatest dramatic stage work of all-time, while the former two are standouts in the musical genre. Each of the three experienced an incredible run on Broadway which spanned several decades. For folks who want to see anything from a classic musical to a modern dance show, you have found the best possible place to purchase tickets to the theatre.


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